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Professional Bathroom And Kitchen Renovation in Sydney

You will never go wrong with a fresh kitchen and bathroom makeover.

We are a highly experienced and trusted team that will deliver a high-quality makeover to your bathroom or kitchen renovation. We are experienced in all styles and budgets and deliver our services across Sydney. We are highly qualified and committed to providing quality, affordable bathroom and kitchen renovation services. We are confident in our delivery and we guarantee you will be satisfied with our service!


Do You Really Need Kitchen and Bathroom Renovation Service

What is kitchen and bathroom renovation?

You will never go wrong with a fresh kitchen and bathroom makeover.

The word “renovation” means “to remodel or interchange the existing one.” If you are going to use these renovation terms for your home, it means you need to come up with a proposal for major improvements. It is always better to have a blueprint in mind before you go to meet your contractor.

If you are looking for any type of renovation work for your home, especially if it is for kitchen or bathroom renovations, kindly contact King Bathroom and Kitchen Sydney, because we have extensive experience in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, and our expert professionals will take care of your kitchen and bathroom and give them a completely new look.

The latest model in kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Everyone wants to update their old lifestyle. That is where kitchen and bath remodelling comes in. People show much more interest when it comes to home things. In the twenty-first century trends and new modeling, items change more quickly than ever before because of the modern mindset of one preferring their taste. Kitchen and bathroom remodelling trends are also on this trending list. Most people prefer looking remodelling luxurious hotels.

Appliance storage

Everyone wants to update their old lifestyle. That is where kitchen and bath remodelling comes in. People show much more interest when it comes to home things. In the twenty-first century trends and new modeling, items change more quickly than ever before because of the modern mindset of one preferring their taste. Kitchen and bathroom remodelling trends are also on this trending list. Most people prefer looking remodelling luxurious hotels.

Some of our fine works are

  • Installing appliances inside the drawer
  • The kitchen hood is easily adaptable to your wall tiles.
  • Add enticing finishes and fronts to appliances that match your cabinetry.
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Our specialty is in making, designing and building beautiful kitchens. Whether you are just looking to add a wow effect into your kitchen or you want a total makeover, we have it all figured for you.

All you need to do is pick your options, relax and let our kitchen renovation experts do the work for you. From demolitions to materials delivery to installations, our team of professionals will deliver to the letter as you relax and monitor.


We handle all your Bathroom and Kitchen remodelling projects

Bathrooms of the future

People are looking for smart bathroom installations, and the whole world is trying to get high-tech upgrades and a little bit of touch-up to bring modern popular trends to their bathrooms. Your old bathroom construction needs complete bathroom renovations.

People are not satisfied with their old-style existing bathroom designs. That’s why everyone is looking for an upgrade.

Grey is the present and most trending style in this year’s bathroom remodelling design. Not only is grey popular this season, but people are also looking for bolder black and darker styles. Because black has more richness and is the most liked colour in this world,

Black and black family colours like grey are the most trending installation in the entire world for bathroom renovation.

This pattern is generally well known in light installations, vanities, mirrors, and different apparatuses, particularly with the matte wrap up.

Modern bathrooms are transforming into personalised day spas, and new technologies are allowing them to be more relaxing and well-suited than ever before.

Back in the 90s, everyone used gold fixtures in their bathrooms like toilets, over sinks, and anything that appeared in the bathroom. Now, modern people are also more fascinated by the old way of using bathrooms. Old is gold, and it’s true,

The good thing for us is that golden fixtures are back and stronger than ever.


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Our Sydney Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Process

high-quality bathroom renovation services

The best thing about working with a leader in bathroom and kitchen renovation Sydney is that you will be taken care of all the way. First, a survey of your kitchen and bathroom will be done. At this point, our building and design teams will figure out the right renovation techniques and what needs fixing the most.

Surveying the two rooms will also give you more ideas on your renovation project. There are many creative ways to generate much-needed space. Wall removals, for instance, create openings, helping you extend your kitchen and bathroom.

Just think of cooking in a bigger kitchen, complete with a dining set for the family. How about taking a bath in a luxurious space? It’s just wonderful!

You don’t need to worry because our affordable kitchen and bathroom renovations services have you covered.

high-quality kitchen renovation services

Our Design Process follows these steps:

STEP 1: The first thing we look at in a bathroom layout are ‘openings’, such as window and door positions, as well as existing plumbing positions. And if the floor plan layout can be improved by moving a door, a window or plumbing, we suggest relocating them. These changes may add to your budget but it will be worth the expense to achieve the optimal design.

STEP 2: Decide on function than style

The functionality of a bathroom is your first priority. You have to be aware of how much space you have to play with and select fittings that work within the limitations of the space. There are standard set-outs that need to be followed when laying out your floor plan, toilets have to be set out a certain distance from a wall, vanity basins and showerheads need to be at a comfortable height, towel rails need to be easily accessible. Write a list of all the fittings you will be installing, choose wisely and research what their ideal positions should be.

Bathroom Renovation

Choose the right finishes

You need to do your research when selecting finishes, so investigate the properties of what you plan on putting on the floors and walls.

Finally, it’s all in the details…
You can add drama in the details of a bathroom – think statement tap, dramatic feature tiles … and don’t forget the lighting. There is the practical lighting that is required for shaving and applying make-up

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Stress-Free, Easy Installation

From start to finish (and beyond) we’re committed to making your bathroom installation a hassle-free, enjoyable process. We don’t believe it’s necessary to interrupt your lifestyle to install a beautiful bathroom. We’ll clean as we go, and leave your home in the same pristine state you left it in. And if you need assistance, your friendly, site manager is ready to hear any of your concerns.

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Why do you need a renovation of your kitchen and bathroom?

With kitchen bathroom renovations, you may gain a little more space in your kitchen and feel bigger than before. It’s a smart idea even though your kitchen space does not require you to increase square footage. With renovation, you can introduce some new kitchen items or tools and appliances. Renovation gives your kitchen a completely new look and a beautiful grain look that makes us cook joyfully with complete satisfaction.

Kitchen renovations enhance appearances and increase comfort, which ultimately offer a healthier environment. Indeed, kitchen renovations boost your mood and quality of life.

Most of the bathrooms in Australia are running out of space. The bathroom renovation greatly increases the storage space.

There might be chances of water leakage in the bathroom because of its dirty mess, needing to be cleaned every day, so it’s better to go with a single-time renovation.

Add functional features to your old bathroom, like a shower screen, a slip-resistant floor, and a restful bathroom basin.


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How often should you renovate your kitchen and bathroom?

You don’t need to renovate or remodel your kitchen and bathroom every year whenever a new style design is installed in the market.

Roughly once in four is fine to renovate, but it completely depends upon the lifespan of your kitchen and bathroom appliances.

Benefit from the renovation

  • The renovation will increase the resale value of your home.
  • Your home may be listed as an ideal model in your area.
  • Give more time to relaxing and enjoying your own company.
  • Renovating the kitchen and bathroom not only gives you comfort, it’s a great investment.

We are a king bathroom and kitchen renovation company in Sydney and offer our services for bathroom and kitchen renovations to western Sydney, Sutherland Shire, St George’s area, and the north shore.


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I found King Bathroom & Kitchens to be very professional in the total renovation of my bathroom. Well organized with attention to detail and easy to deal with. Completed on time and very happy with the finished result..

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Working with the team at King bathrooms has been an incredibly easy process. From the day Ali initially came out to see our work needed, he has always ensured all the project timelines have been met. The finished work is beautiful and the team’s attention to detail is incredible. I highly recommend them.

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It is very clear that King Bathroom & Kitchens value their customers. Jackson was great to work with and went above and beyond to design our ensuite bathroom. His team is extremely professional and they made it smooth and painless. Everything arrived and was done in the time that was promised. I would definitely recommend King Bathroom & Kitchens to others.

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We pride ourselves in the quality of our work and the quality of raw materials we use , therefore only partnering with the best suppliers in Sydney.